Fourth Of July Safety
July 2, 2024

The first organized Fourth of July celebration in the United States happened in 1777 and has continued for nearly 250 years. As families prepare to celebrate the patriotic holiday, the Pleasant Valley Fire District asks everyone to keep safety in mind when planning holiday festivities.

The Fourth of July is marked with fireworks, barbecues and other fun activities, but it is important to keep safety in mind to ensure we all enjoy a safe and fun holiday.

The Fourth of July commemorates the founding fathers signing the Declaration of Independence July 2, 1776, which was adopted two days later (July 4). The Fourth of July became a federal holiday June 28, 1870, almost 100 years after the Declaration of Independence was signed.

In 2023, Americans spent nearly $10 billion to celebrate the federal holiday with even more expected this year.

The members of the Pleasant Valley Fire District offers tips to keep you and your family safe during the patriotic holiday.

* Stay hydrated with water and limit alcoholic beverages.
* Always grill outside and away from buildings, objects, humans and pets.
* Fireworks are not toys and only responsible adults should handle them.
* Shoot fireworks pointed up and away from people.

Visit the American Red Cross link below for more Fourth of July safety resources.

Remember, fireworks and alcohol do not mix. We have seen people with third-degree burns, damaged eyes and other similar injuries in our years of responding to Fourth of July medical emergencies.

We encourage everyone to celebrate with their favorite activities and we hope these tips will help them avoid dangerous pitfalls.

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