Pleasant Valley Fire District Members Instruct At New York State Fire Chiefs Conference
June 19, 2024

Congratulations to Training Officer Tom Murphy and Commissioner Melissa Lawlor on being selected to present at the New York State Fire Chiefs Conference which was just held in Syracuse, New York.

Using his experience as a fifth generation firefighter, Training Officer Tom Murphy presented on how do the different generations get along in your firehouse. This program examined the various generations in today’s fire service, and explained how they can better work together and communicate. The ability of different generations to adapt and work together is vital for the organization’s continued success.

Commissioner Melissa Lawlor did two presentations. In her first session, she talked about the importance of EMS mental health, unraveling the complexities of PTSD and trauma to cultivating resilience and unveiling innovative treatment modalities.

In her second session that was tailored for EMS providers, she discussed the comprehensive exploration of normal physiological birth, equipping participants with essential knowledge and hands-on skills. Using her expertise as a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) she dispelled myths surrounding natural birth to safe delivery techniques, attendees discussed the intricacies of normal birth presentations, obstetrical emergencies, and postpartum care protocols. The session ensured that EMS responders left with heightened confidence in recognizing, responding to, and effectively managing normal physiological births.

Congratulations to both of our members!