Blizzard....What Blizzard? Just Another Day Of Neighbors Helping Neighbors
February 2, 2021

A wild, windy and snowy nor'easter couldn't stop the Pleasant Valley Fire Department from helping our neighbors in distress. During the storm which dropped almost two feet of snow on our fire district, the department responded to nine calls for help.

Some of the calls required ingenuity and resourcefulness to battle the elements Mother Nature threw at them. One EMS call required a tremendous amount of planning and teamwork.

While the initial EMS crew of EMS Lieutenant/EMT Barbara Oakes and EMT Mandy Winslow were evaluating, treating and packaging the patient for transport, the outside crew of ESS Lieutenant/EMT Ken Wallace, Engine Lieutenant/EMT Chandler Stolarski and Firefighter/EMT Cameron Tuller were plowing and shoveling the driveway of the accumulated snow.

Working together they were able to get the patient outside using a backboard and then safely placed onto a Reeves Stretcher. A Reeves Stretcher is a easily-conveyable flexible patient transport device constructed of lightweight vinyl-coated polyester that was used as a sled.

After the patient was safely secured and protected from the howling winds and horizontally blowing snow, all five members worked to slide the patient to the ambulance stretcher and safely transported them to the hospital.

Excellent job by everyone involved. "Pleasant Valley Fire District EMS - Best Care Anywhere"