Autumn Is Here In Pleasant Valley
October 10, 2021

The days have been getting shorter and the nights are getting chillier here in the beautiful Hudson Halley.

Before it gets really cold, early October is the ideal time to turn on your heating unit to ensure it is working properly.

Most likely your unit has been sitting dormant for about 6 months, so you’ll want to make sure everything is in proper working order before you really need it. While furnaces are one of the leading causes of house fires in the US, there are a few things you can do to reduce the risk of furnace fires:

Check your Heating System

* Regularly replace furnace filters.
* Keep all areas around the furnace clean and unobstructed.
* Keep the burner area clean and clear of debris.
* Keep all combustible items at least six-inches away from the vent pipe.

Should you notice any issues with your heating system during the test run, contact a professional immediately. For preventative care, have your central heating system cleaned and serviced by a certified HVAC contractor once annually. A proper working heating system greatly reduces fire risks, but also reduces utility costs as they work to heat your space more efficiently.

Fireplace Safety

Throughout the year, everything from crud to critters cozy up in your chimney. Keep your fireplace clear of debris, and have it inspected each year before use by a professional chimney company.

If you have a gas fireplace, have all lines and connections inspected before flipping the switch. A professional chimney inspection uncovers any issues and necessary repairs that need to be made – Don’t skip this step!

In addition to yearly cleanings and inspections, there are a few things you can do to enhance fireplace safety:

* Use a fireplace screen, guard, or glass doors to keep hot ash and sparks contained.
* Store extra wood, and other types of combustible materials, at least five-feet away from your fireplace.
* Never leave a fire unattended.
* Burn seasoned hardwoods, such as oak, that have been split and stored in a safe and dry environment for at least six-months.
* Keep fires small – Never overload your fireplace.
* When building a fire, strategically place logs on a metal grate at the back end of your fireplace; always use kindling to ignite fire.